PyWavelets 0.5.1 Release Notes#

PyWavelets 0.5.1 is a bug-fix release with no new features compared to 0.5.0

Bugs Fixed#

In release 0.5.0 the wrong edge mode was used for the following three deprecated modes: ppd, sp1, and per. All deprecated edge mode names are now correctly converted to the corresponding new names.

One-dimensional discrete wavelet transforms did not properly respect the axis argument for complex-valued data. Prior to this release, the last axis was always transformed for arrays with complex dtype. This fix affects dwt, idwt, wavedec, waverec.


  • Gregory R. Lee

Issues closed for v0.5.1#

  • #245: Keyword “per” for dwt extension mode

Pull requests for v0.5.1#

  • #244: FIX: dwt, idwt with complex data now pass axis argument properly

  • #246: fix bug in deprecated mode name conversion