PyWavelets 0.5.2 Release Notes

PyWavelets 0.5.2 is a bug-fix release with no new features compared to 0.5.1.

Bugs Fixed

The data reader is now compatible with numpy 1.12. (#273)

The demo is now compatible with matplotlib 2.0. (#276)

Fixed a sporadic segmentation fault affecting stationary wavelet transforms of multi-dimensional data. (#289)

idwtn now treats coefficients set to None to be treated as zeros (#291). This makes the behavior consistent with its docstring as well as idwt2. Previously this raised an error.

The tests are now included when installing from wheels or when running python install. (#292)

A bug leading to a potential RuntimeError was fixed in waverec. This bug only affected transforms where the data was >1D and the transformed axis was not the first axis of the array. (#294).


  • Ralf Gommers

  • Gregory R. Lee

Issues closed for v0.5.2

  • #280: No tests found from installed version

  • #288: RuntimeErrors and segfaults from swt2() in threaded environments

  • #290: idwtn should treat coefficients set to None as zeros

  • #293: bug in waverec of n-dimensional data when axis != 0

Pull requests for v0.5.2

  • #273: fix non-integer index error

  • #276: update wp_scalogram demo work with matplotlib 2.0

  • #289: fix memory leak in swt_axis

  • #291: idwtn should allow coefficients to be set as None

  • #292: MAINT: ensure tests are included in wheels

  • #294: FIX: shape adjustment in waverec should not assume a transform along …

  • #295: MAINT: fix readthedocs build issue, update numpy version specifier