PyWavelets 1.0.2 Release Notes

PyWavelets 1.0.2 is a bug-fix and maintenance release with no new features compared to 1.0.1.

Bugs Fixed

A bug in iswtn when using some combinations of user-specified axes was fixed.

A potential error related to coefficient shape mismatch during WaveletPacket or WaveletPacket2D reconstruction was fixed.

Other Changes

A deprecated import of Iterable was fixed.

The spelling of “Garrote” was fixed in the wavelet thresholding documentation. For backwards compatibility with 1.0.0, the incorrect (“garotte”) spelling is also accepted for the mode parameter of pywt.threshold.

The spelling of “supported” was fixed in one of the ValueError messages that can be returned by pywt.cwt.

Cython language compatibility has been pinned to language_level = '2'. This is in contrast to the master branch which is now using language_level = '3'. To support this, the minimum supported Cython version has been raised to 0.23.5.


Four authors contributed PRs for the 1.0.2 release.

Thomas A. Caswell Corey Goldberg Gregory R. Lee Lokesh Ravindranathan

Thanks also goes to Ralf Gommers as a reviewer of most of these.

Issues closed for v1.0.2

  • #447: Issue using pywt.WaveletPacket2D

  • #449: Coefficients arrays must have the same dtype error in iswt function

  • #460: iswtn error when using axes and excluded dim is doesn’t comply to the level

Pull requests for v1.0.2

  • #454: BLD: 1.0.x pin cython language level to ‘2’

  • #455: backport of #448 (fix coefficient shape mismatch in WaveletPacket reconstruction)

  • #456: MAINT: 1.0.x: Spelling correction

  • #457: MAINT: 1.0.x Fix spelling of “Garrote”

  • #458: MAINT: 1.0.x Fix deprecated import for Iterable

  • #464: backport of #448 (fix coefficient shape mismatch in WaveletPacket reconstruction)

  • #465: backport of gh-462 (iswtn axis fix)

  • #469: MAINT 1.0.x backport #452 (bump minimum supported Cython version)

The backports listed above correspond to the following PRs from the master branch

  • #436: Fix deprecated import for Iterable

  • #438: Fix spelling of “Garrote”

  • #446: Spelling correction

  • #448: Properly trim wavelet packet node coefficients during reconstruction

  • #450: handle mixed dtype coefficients correctly across inverse transforms

  • #452: bump minimum supported Cython version

  • #462: fix bug in iswtn for data of arbitrary shape when using user-specified axes